My Winter Wreath

Made from scratch with help from my Mom : )

Mobile uploading....

I think I've solved my mobile uploading issues... for now anyway. No posting pics as text messages, only emails.
Ok so I'm going to try this blog thing again, which will make my sister very happy indeed. I still am writing this for the benefit of nobody but myself as I haven't even told anyone about my blog yet. So hi me!
I'm on an 11 day holiday hiatus from work and therefore the commutation grind! It's quit blissful although I'm not utilizing the time nearly as much as I should be.
The photo below is a picture of the creek the runs just across the street from my apartment. The melting of snow and the rain from Christmas weekend has brought it back to it's raging self. Beautiful and yet incredibly intimidating!

One fantastic update... the most wonderful design blog ever,
posted an area guide for the Hudson Valley a few weeks ago!
I'll be hopping around the Valley today... taking pics for posting! Enjoy the sun!

PS-Happy Emily??

Test post!


This is the reason I have not accomplished any of the tasks I had set out to accomplish this weekend. A visit to Mom & Dad's in the country will do that to you. Pumpkin festival will have to wait until 2010.


Please don't rain on my festivals!

I had lots of plans for this weekend and I'm hoping they don't all get washed away! One thing I am definitely doing is carving pumpkins with the whole family up at my parents new house. Halloween is by far our most celebrated holiday. Some of my favorite memories are from Halloween... namely my dad toilet papering our own house for a ghoulish family party...in a pirate costume...at 2 in the afternoon!
I will also be visiting the Beacon Sloop Clubs annual Pumpkin Festival (see above poster). I'm quite sure I'll get rained on in the process but I'll brave through it.
The one thing I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do is the Sheep & Wool Festival which is held on the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck. I've been wanting go all year but I don't think I'll last very long in the rain and I want to go on a year with perfect fall weather. Oh well, atleast I'll be carving pumpkins and hopefully drinking some warm apple cider mmmmm...
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